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Paste With Worksheet Formatting in MS Excel

Do you frequently copy / paste information from documents, emails or the Internet into MS Excel?

If you don’t have your paste options set to match the destination formatting (and quite frankly don’t want it set that way) then you may be getting tired of all the formatting changes you have to complete to make the pasted information match the formatting of the existing data in the worksheet.

By now you’ve got to be asking yourself if there’s any shortcut around reformatting or using the Paste Options button or using the Format Painter… or any other thing you’ve come up with.

Happy day! I’ve got just the shortcut that may make your day.

Instead of just selecting the cell to paste into you should double-click the cell then paste.

That’s it.

When you double-click before pasting everything is pasted into that one cell using the formatting of the worksheet.

And for those of you who caught the “pasting into one cell” part… that is definitely a consideration you should make if copying a lot of information that would usually be pasted into different cells. Just a heads up so you can make an informed pasting decision.

At any rate, for much of what many of us do this trick can save lots of formatting time and I’m all for saving time!