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Paul Ecke Poinsettias

Paul Ecke Poinsettias

Poinsettias for me are synonymous with Christmas. Growing up, the house would be filled with poinsettias at this time of year, in every possible color, and then my mom would keep them and nurse them through the year.

This site is devoted to teaching you all about poinsettias. I suggest you start in the Poisonous section and have the myth that poinsettias are poisonous quickly dispelled. Get the facts on these beautiful plants! You’ll even learn how having one around the house is beneficial to your health.

On the main page, you can use the arrows to scroll through beautiful pictures of poinsettias, and if you click on them, they will enlarge so you can see that plant better. They are so pretty, it’s really worth at least scrolling through all the pictures.

The Decorating section is all about giving you ideas on how to decorate with poinsettias this year. Check it out for excellent inspiration.

The Care section may just be the most important section on the site. Not only does it teach you how to care for your beautiful plant while it is in season, but also how you can re-bloom your poinsettias later on in the year. You can even sign up to get an e-mail reminder of when to start re-blooming them.

History – in this section you get an interesting look back into the past of the Paul Ecke Ranch, their promotion of poinsettias as a holiday plant, and that’s just the ranch’s history. You can also discover the history of the poinsettia plant, and the legends surrounding it!

The last section I’m going to write about is the How to Choose section. Here you will get excellent advice on how to select the perfect poinsettia for your home.
I couldn’t wait to learn more about these beautiful plants and I hope you can’t either – check it out today!

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