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Pay Per Click Providers

Pay Per Click Providers

As some of you may recall, I wrote an article about a month ago about the essentials of pay per click (PPC) advertising. While the article was probably educational to a great many of you, I thought it was important to elaborate on the examples of the “small” pay per click providers that I mentioned as alternatives to Yahoo! and Google’s PPC programs. Upon doing an Internet search of pay per click providers, business owners and Web masters may be surprised at the number of companies offering PPC services. However, this brief guide should act as a good introduction to the increasingly competitive market of pay per click advertising.

Advertisers and publishers looking to get the word out about their products may want to consult with Verizon’s Super Pages Web site, which can be found here. Super Pages is the online white and yellow pages available through Verizon Wireless. Anyone who has used this Web site knows that the local phone and address listings are accompanied by Web advertisements for local and national companies. These advertisements are part of Super Pages’ pay per click advertising program, which uses an extensive Internet network, including Lycos, MSN and About.com to get the word out about various companies.

Subscribers to this PPC provider do not need to put money up front for services rendered, but there is a minimum requirement of $15 per month in click charges. For an additional $5 per month, Super Pages subscribers receive a wide range of services including advertising consultations and editorial reviews. In all, Verizon’s Super Pages is the middle ground between smaller PPC providers and the big boys.

In my previous article, I mentioned Bidvertiser as an example of a small PPC provider. The reason why it is such a great provider of advertising services is that it has a Web site roster of thousands, which allows targeted placement of product advertisements to the most appropriate markets. Bidvertiser also features geographical targeting, which allows someone in California or New York to target their products to customers in a certain region or state. The reason why I am so big on Bidvertiser, however, is that there is no minimum fee or time commitment keeping advertisers from switching services if they are dissatisfied. Flexibility, creative advertising templates and market targeting are all great reasons to use Bidvertiser.

There are two more great PPC providers that should be considered by advertisers big and small. Search 123 boasts a variety of free services and flexible advertising options, including use of a free keyword search engine, an up-to-the-minute user interface to monitor PPC success and a variety of different advertising templates. However, in order to open a PPC account, subscribers need to commit to $50 worth of clicks to gain exposure for their product.

Advertisers looking for less of a financial commitment and more exposure for their products should also consider Enhance Interactive for their PPC needs. With a network of Web sites, including Excite, InfoSpace and Earthlink, Enhance Interactive can connect advertisers with tens of thousands of potential customers. The price is right for Enhance advertisers, with click rates starting at only three cents.

For advertisers and business owners who are committed fully to Google and Yahoo’s! experienced PPC programs, I would hope that they keep these providers in mind too. However, smaller businesses and individual entrepreneurs who are trying to sell their wares should consider using one of these services in order to gain an edge. While Google and Yahoo! provide a great service, companies like Bidvertiser, Search 1 2 3 and Enhance Interactive offer creative advertising solutions and hands on customer service. Remember, it is not just about making money, but making a brand name that people can rely upon for years to come. In this way, small PPC providers and business owners alike can grow together.

~ Nick Katers