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PC Virtual Piano Keyboard

Ever wanted to make some music using your computer keyboard or sound effects for a video you are recording? The PC 73 Virtual Piano Keyboard is the utility you need to get! This amazing Piano utility not only lets you play a huge selection of virtual instruments using an on-screen piano but also maps the piano keys to your keyboard so you can play it like a traditional piano with letters and numbers mapped to each key.

Along with an Acoustic Grand Piano, there are dozens of different instrument types you can select by clicking on the purple box and selecting a different instrument.

Last, but not least, it can control a real piano through your midi compatible piano or keyboard.

I played Mary had a little lamb and got a round of applause from my co-workers. Try it yourself – the keyboard keys to hit when you have PC 73 Virtual Piano open are (leave out the -‘s just hit the letters):

Y – T – R – T – Y  – Y – Y – T – T – T – Y – I  – I – Y – T – R – T – Y – Y – Y – Y – T – T  – Y – T – R (Long)

You can download PC 73 Virtual Piano Keyboard by clicking here. [1]