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PDAs and BlackBerrys

I know I may be a little behind in the world of technology, but what is a palm pilot and what is a BlackBerry? I see those names written everywhere these days, but I haven’t a clue as to what they are. Please explain!

There’s no doubt you’ve seen those two terms plastered over anything that deals with the media these days. Palm pilots and BlackBerrys have become very popular in the realm of technology lately and they’re growing more and more each day. So, if you’re like the person who submitted this question, keep reading, because I’m going to delve into the world of PDAs and BBs!

I’m going to start with palm pilots, because they’re not as new as the BlackBerry. Palm pilots are also known as personal digital assistants, which is where the initials PDA come from. A PDA is a little handheld electronic device that you can use to help keep yourself organized, etc. You can use them to plan out calendars and keep track of your schedule. They have obviously advanced since they first came out, as they have recently upgraded so you can access the Web on them as well. The biggest advance so far is that some PDAs can act as a hard drive for your computer through a USB connection. Cool, huh?!

There have been several different types and names for PDAs over the years, but they have been popular ever since their debut. Some PDAs also come with a pen you can use to get your work done, while others have buttons just like a cell phone. PDAs can be somewhat pricey, depending on everything you include with yours. They are perfect for carrying around all day with you in your pocket. With its small size and all of its capabilities, they are extremely popular still to this day.

Now, if you don’t have a palm pilot, you might have a BlackBerry. If you don’t have either, you’re really learning something today, aren’t you?! Okay, so what is a BlackBerry? Well, they work in conjunction with the palms. They are a step up from them though, because they are completely wireless. They were introduced in 1999 and they have overtaken the popularity vote by quite a few since then. BlackBerrys can also act as a cell phone for you. They support e-mail, mobile phone service, text messaging, Internet faxing, Web browsing and several other wireless duties.

Of course, the BlackBerry comes with all the same applications that the PDA does, like the address book, calendar, to do lists, etc., but they come along with many other bigger and better services as well. BlackBerrys are very popular with business people and with anyone who has a very busy schedule. You can be away from your computer, but still get everything done that you need to. Of course, what you will be able to do with your BlackBerry will also depend on what mobile phone service you have. You’ll need to consult with them to figure all of that out.

All in all, both PDAs and BlackBerrys are perfect devices for keeping yourself organized and straight. They can also be fun to use if you have the right need for them. Check ’em out!

~ Erin