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PDFs are a great way to share documents on the web. They’re fast, easy, and lightweight. The only problem is that PDFs are on complete lockdown! Unless the creator makes a PDF a form, you cannot edit or annotate a PDF file at all. It’s time to liberate your PDFs – give them the freedom they deserve! The good news is: you don’t even need to download an application to do it. PDFescape is an all in one PDF editor, annotator, and manager completely located on the web! Are you excited? You should be!

The internet is chock full of PDFs but it always seems that whenever you need to work with one, you aren’t at your own home computer. That’s why PDFescape is so handy; all of the functionality I’m about to show you is available on any computer in the world.

1. Point your browser to PDFescape [1] and you’ll be greeted by this homepage.

2. Select Start Now from the menu at the top of the page.

3. Next you are prompted to create an account which has great advantages such as file saving and publishing. Let’s give a PDFescape a spin as unregistered user first, because you can always make an account later. So, click Start Using Unregistered.

4. Now, you open your PDF file. You can either upload from your hard drive or from online. I uploaded my postal service form for this example.

5. It opens almost immediately. Check it out, you’ve got plenty of tools to work with!

6. PDFescape’s features are intuitive and easy to use. You cannot edit the preexisting document, rather, you can mark it up and add text and images as you please. You have all of your tools on the left hand side, and simply point and click to use them (just like in Microsoft Office).

7. If you need to add a sticky note or highlight, select those tools from the Annotate tab. You can also move, rotate, or delete pages from the Page tab.

8. To finalize your work, you can download the edited file as a new PDF or print it right from your browser by using the far left toolbar.

9. It’s that simple! If you enjoyed using PDFescape, you may want to go ahead and create an account. That way you can have all your PDFs saved online for instant access from anywhere. The link to sign up is here [2], and it’s simple. Just enter your email and password and you’re done!

Keep this utility in your toolbox, because you never know when you might need it!

~ Jay Neil Patel