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Pedaling History

The other day I was thinking about how much I missed owning a bicycle. I left mine in Lorain when I moved to Toledo, and it got lost in the shuffle when my parents moved to house they currently reside in. Lately, I’ve been considering purchasing a new bike and in my research online to figure out what kind of bike I wanted I found this site. 

When the page loads you’ll see an amazing timeline of bicycle history. To navigate just scroll down; the timeline begins with The Walking Machine, an 1817 invention by Baron von Drais who wanted to travel more quickly around the royal gardens. It ends with a description of the different styles available today under the Current Scene. Then it offers suggestions for further reading. 

Each stop along the timeline explains the innovation of that step in bicycle evolution along with inventor and manufacturing details as was available for each kind of bike. The entries also include images of each bike and an explanation of the culture that sprung up around it, for example: The Velocipede or Boneshaker lead to the creation of indoor bicycling rinks.

This site offers a great look into the history of bicycling, so check it out today! 

http://www.pedalinghistory.com/PHhistory.html [1]