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Pepsi Trades Free Drinks For Facebook Likes

Pepsi has a new vending machine, but they aren’t after your money. They want your Facebook like.

The new Like Machine made its debut at a Beyoncé concert in Belgium and it allowed consumers to swap a Facebook like for a can of Pepsi or Pepsi MAX.

Fans could connect to the machine using their smartphone or by using the machine’s touch screen. Once fans were connected, they were directed to like the Pepsi Facebook page and then they received a free can of soda.

“The Pepsi ‘Like’ Vending Machine is a completely new way of product sampling –providing PepsiCo with more information on our consumers and an opportunity to interact with them,” said Jan Verlinden, director, Marketing – PepsiCo BeLux. “For the first time, it is possible to receive a Pepsi can, in real time, in exchange for a Facebook like. This concept is the result of the innovative and creative imaginations of our Belgium team.”

The social-media pop machine generates something just as important as money for the company, it gives them lots and lots of information by allowing them access to the user’s personal data and that makes it easier to market to the consumer and that person’s Facebook friends.

No word on where the next Like Machines will turn up yet, but as social media becomes more of an integral part of the lives of young consumers, expect to see more opportunities to trade likes, Tweets and Instagram photos for products.

~ Cynthia