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Personalizing Siri

Siri is the voice-recognizing personal assistant who comes equipped with the iPhone 4S. It listens and speaks like a normal human being, and like any relationship, the better you get to know each other, the more rewarding the connection will be. Today, we’ll teach Siri a little bit more about yourself.

To begin, open the Contacts app.

We are going to create a contact for yourself that Siri can use. If you already have one, then you’ll simply need to edit your existing contact. If not, select the + button in the upper right-hand corner.

Begin by filling in your most basic information such as your name and telephone number. Next, I’d like to direct your attention to a few fields and how Siri can creatively utilize their information:

When you’ve finished filling out your contact information, we need to let Siri know that the contact we just created is, in fact, you.

Open the Settings application and scroll to General. Select the Siri option and choose My Info. Now, choose your name from the list of contacts. Your name will appear beside My Info.

Finally, let’s give it a quick test.

Now it’s your turn!

~ Jay Neil Patel