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Personalizing Windows Vista

Can you give me some basic directions on how to personalize my Windows Vista? I’m talking about the desktop wallpaper, screensavers, etc.

If you are using Windows Vista and you’re having trouble figuring out how to personalize it with your own wallpaper, etc., here are some simple instructions for you on how to do it. It’s not as hard as it may seem either. So, let’s get started!

To get to the options window, right click on your desktop and choose Personalize. You will then have several different settings to choose from. For this tip, I’m only going to go over Window Color and Appearance, Desktop Background and Screensaver. The others (Sounds, Mouse Pointers, Theme and Display Settings) are pretty much the same as they were in Windows XP.

Window Color and Appearance: For this one, you can choose a solid color for your window color. This is the color you’ll see when you open any new window. There are several color options to choose from, including blue, teal, red, pink and a frost (white) color. If you’re not happy with any of those, you can click on the Color Mixer to make your own combination. Once you’re done, click OK and your new color will take over. If you don’t like it, just go back and choose another one until you find the right one for you.

Desktop Background: This is for your computer’s desktop wallpaper. When you get to this screen, you have several options to choose from. There is Windows Wallpaper, Pictures, Sample Pictures, Public Pictures and Solid Colors. The Windows Wallpaper has several different customized pictures. You know, they’re the ones that already come with your computer. There are some really neat ones, so just browse through them and see if there’s any you like. For Pictures and Public Pictures, you can insert your own photo in to be used for your background. Just hit the Browse button, find the picture you want to use and select it. These new wallpaper choices will come up automatically, as soon as you click on them once.

There are also some Sample Pictures to choose from or if you just want a solid color, choose Solid Colors. There are several very nice colors to choose from, if that’s what you prefer. Once you choose the background you want, you can pick to have it stretched, tiled or centered on your desktop. Just click the appropriate button at the bottom of the window and click OK when you’re all done. I personally like the orangish/yellowish daisies picture from Windows. It lights up my screen!

Screensaver: This works pretty much like the older versions of Windows, but there are some different choices in Vista. Use the drop down menu to see all of the selections and just click the one you want to use. I really like the bubbles. They just float across your screen and they’re so vivid looking! There are other choices, like using your own photos and even a marine aquarium as well. You can also choose how much wait time you want before your screensaver kicks on. Mine’s set at 10 minutes, but you can wait as long or as little as you’d like. You can also click the Preview button to see what your new screensaver will look like. If you don’t like, choose a new one before you click that OK button.

One more thing: To navigate back and forth between these different screens, just use the back arrow button located in the upper left hand corner of the Personalize window. That way, you don’t have to keep right clicking on your desktop each time you want to change something.

Once you get your Vista computer looking the way you want it, you’ll be so much happier. I know it’s a slow process to get things back to a normal way for yourself, but as I’m sure you can already see, it’s worth taking the time to get things perfect for your computer. Happy personalizing!