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Petcube Lets You Play With Your Pets While You’re At Work

A new app will let you tease your pets with a laser pointer no matter where you are. The app will work on your phone or tablet.

It’s called Petcube¬† and it comes with a device that will shoot out a low-intensity laser point for playtime with your animals. It comes with a wide-angle camera lens and is capable of streaming 720p video, so you can enjoy face time with your Fido and Fluffy.

It also features a microphone and speakers that let you communicate with your furry friends. If your pets aren’t in view when you log on, you can call them to come play.

The app also hopes to set up a social network with other pet owners that allows you to share access and photos and videos of your pet with friends and family. They also promise to have public petcubes.

You can sign up at Petcube.net to be notified when the device is ready for purchase, which the developers say should be sometime in the fall.

~ Cynthia