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Philips Introduces “Floating” TV That Looks Like A Pane of Glass

Philips is showing off its new DesignLine TV, calling it “an unconventional style to truly fit modern living spaces.”



Available in 46″ and 55″ models, the front of the television is made of one seamless sheet of gradient black glass. The TV doesn’t have a visible frame or a stand. It looks like a pane of glass leaning against a wall when not in use.

 The television appears to float when it’s on. A feature called Ambilight projects lights that precisely match the color of what you’re watching onto the wall behind the TV.



The company says the new model was designed with interior decorating in mind, but they promise it won’t compromise on picture. The DesignLine features a 1400 Hz motion rate and active 3D technology. The smart TV will come with Wi-Fi on board and allow streaming to and from computers and smartphones. This won’t come cheap, the TV is expected to cost around $4,200 and will go on sale in the UK and Europe early this summer. No word on when it will be available in the U.S.