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Phone Of The Future? No Battery & Fold Out 8.5 Inch Screen

Aleksandr Mykomelov, the founder of industrial design firm Mukomelov Studio is showing off an amazing concept phone that offers a fold up tablet and doesn’t need to be plugged in to charge.

The device, called a Mobile Script Phone, would perform all the functions of a phone and tablet and have a collapsible 9.5 inch screen that you could pull out for activities that look better on a larger screen, like watching a movie.

The collapsible big screen would be constructed of  of 2 layers: a soft OLED( organic light emitting diode)  – touchscreen and a soft nano material that would be affected by an electrical charge. The screen would become a hard surface when you needed to type or draw and then become soft and pliable when you want to fold it up inside your phone.

The phone would not need to be plugged into a charger. It would be  covered with a nano material that converts sunlight into the energy for your phone. Although their would be an option for wireless recharge if enough light was available.

This is still a concept phone, but it would be really nice if these actually made it into the stores . It would also be great if they were available for 99 cents like the HTC First Facebook Phone [1].

~ Cynthia