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Phone Zoo

Looking for a new ringtone for your cell phone? Have you checked out Phone Zoo? They offer free ringtones and other mobile content for your cell phone. I found this site because I was looking for the Super Mario Bros. theme song to set as my ringtone.

I lost track of time for an hour just going through the top downloaded ringtones, so beware this can be a time sink, albeit it an entertaining one. To check out the ringtones just click Ringtones on the orange navigation strip across the top of the page. The section will have a side menu with categories, and featured on its page the Top Downloaded Ringtones I was talking about.

To make your own ringtone, select Create Ringtone from the homepage or Create from File on the Ringtones page. You’ll have to register to create a ringtone, and they walk you through the whole process, so if you own a file you want to use on your phone – don’t hesitate to make your own ringtone!

They also offer a selection of other downloadable content like photos, games, astrology, and answers. Are you wondering how they can offer all these services for free? Well they pay for their site via the advertisements on the page, so they don’t have to charge your cell phone bill to bring you great content.

Check it out today!

http://www.phonezoo.com/home.do [1]