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Photo Flash Maker Free

Making slideshows is always a fun way to show your family and friends pictures of your adventures. We have all been to those family parties where old photos are displayed, but have you ever wanted to take all of your photos and do the same thing? Well, I have found a program that is extremely easy to use compared to a lot of flash slideshow makers out there.

Photo Flash Maker Free is a program that is simple to use and fun as well. After downloading and installing the program it launched automatically into a tutorial. The tutorial walks you through all the steps of making a good slideshow. Surprisingly this only consisted of three simple steps.

The first step was the adding of your photos. You simply press the add button in the top right, navigate to the picture or pictures you want to add, and press open. It will then display the pictures you have added in the box. Once you have added all the pictures you want to include, simply press the next button.

The next step was the adding of a theme to your slideshow. All you need to do is pick a theme here and press next.

The last portion of he tutorial has to do with how you would like to publish your new slideshow. It gives you three options for this step. They include: View The Slideshow, Open Output Folder, or Upload (which allows you to automatically upload it to you your Go2 Account). These options are pretty simple and straight forward.

Viewing the slideshow opened a browser window displaying the pictures with the theme you have just created. It offers you the option of copying and pasting the embedded code for you to share on your website of choice. Opening the output folder will just show you where your new slideshow has been saved. Upload allows you to upload your slideshow to your Go2 Account by simply logging in.

Ultimately, you do not have to use the tutorial to make your flash slideshows. The regular interface is just as simple to use. When you are looking at the interface you have three tabs at the top: Photo, Theme, and Publish. These are pretty much the same as in the tutorial.

The Photo tab is where you would add your photos. It displays photos you have added in the button portion of the window.

The Theme tab is where you will pick out a theme for your slideshow. You can change the frame rate and background color of your slideshow, along with some other features here as well. Under this tab you can also add music to your slideshow. All you need to do is browse for the music and select it.

The Publish tab is the same as the end of the tutorial above including the same three features. Making a slideshow this way gives you some additional features under the publish tab. You can burn the slideshow to a disc. You simply choose the Burn to disc option, insert a blank disc and press burn. It’s that simple.

Ultimately, Photo Flash Maker is one of the easiest Slideshow makers I have ever used. Why spend hours making one slideshow when you can download this program and make one in minutes?  Click here [1] to give it a try.