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Photographing women

Photographing women needs to be done with utmost care. Particularly with those who are vain. Women take issue about everything they have, be it their skin, hair, eyes, or the flabbiness around their hips. Photography is a tool that can be used to change that. One beautiful picture can make her feel differently about herself. Here are ways to get the most of women:

CC image courtesy Ortiz Domney

Be nice and empathize with her. Treat her the way you would want to be treated by a strange photographer. Appreciate her for having made the booking in the first place. It is important for you to establish a rapport with her to have a rough idea of what she likes and dislikes about herself. A mirror or an HD monitor can be held up, so she can make her own fine adjustments.

CC image courtesy Stefano Corso

Candid, natural pictures are always the most beautiful. Talk to her and be friendly throughout the session. Assure her of the benefits of getting photographed. Make her laugh so you get to capture the best. Appreciate the pictures when she feels uncomfortable, but make sure you don’t overdo it. That could just make her self-conscious.

CC image courtesy Sebastian Yepes

Editing cannot be relied on to make your model beautiful. This should be used only for minor enhancement of the quality of the picture – which means you may remove some of the blemishes and imperfections, but not completely, so the picture still looks natural.

Get your angles right. Don’t go for a low shot with the model looking up, unless you are really confident and want to create a dramatic effect. This angle seems unflattering for almost all women, regardless of size and shape. You don’t want to do this to someone who is already hesitant about getting photographed. The golden rule for slimming down a fuller-figured person is to opt for down-angled point of view. It emphasises the face and slims down the body with great results.

If your model is shy, you can teach her poses from the red carpet. These are not only popular but are specially constructed for different celebrities to enhance their unique figures.

CC image courtesy Tor Kristensen

Remember that lighting can be manipulated for different emotions and effects. Choose 45-degree to 90-degree off-camera lights for younger models who tend to carry this off better than the rest.


~Zahid H Javali