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Photoshop Photo Gallery

Photoshop Photo Gallery

Maybe you have your own Web site or maybe you’re an artist and you want a really cool photo gallery for your site or homepage.

Either way, even if you don’t know one letter of HTML, you can make a photo gallery for the Web or one to e-mail to your friends using one of Photoshop’s lesser known features.

This feature is so powerful, it’s almost as if Photoshop has a secret super power! Photoshop will definitely be your photo gallery super hero after you explore this feature. Let’s see what it’s all about!

Before you start, you will need to have some digital photos. So, if you don’t have any on your computer as of yet, go ahead and upload your photos from your digital camera or scan them in.

Organize the photos into a neat little package first, by creating a folder for the photos that will go into the photo gallery. Save the folder to your desktop for easy access later on.

For example, I created a folder called Autumn Photos.

Next, create a second folder. The second folder will hold all of the files needed to run the photo gallery. Name the second folder with an obvious name, so you can easily find it later.

I called my second folder “Gallery of Autumn Photos.”

Phew! That was hard work, wasn’t it?! (Not!) Now, let’s put Photoshop to work!

Open Photoshop if you haven’t already.

Go to File, scroll down to Automate and click on Web Photo Gallery.

A box will pop up giving you many different fun options to help you design the look and feel of your new Web gallery.

The photos that show up on the side in the little box are just used by Photoshop as an example. You still need to add your own photos.

First, let’s design the Web photo gallery and make it look great!

The first decision to make is the Style. Photoshop gives you the option of some really interesting visual styles.

To show you how awesome this Photoshop feature is, I am going to include screenshots of each one.

These Style shots are shown to give a visual example of what you can expect when you choose each one. There is sure to be a style that will fit your needs!

Here is a quick visual reference guide to the different styles you can choose using the Web Photo Gallery automate feature in Photoshop.

For a horizontal slideshow, pick one of these options:

Horizontal Blue and Gray – The first style has a gray background for the main photos, with a row of photos on the bottom with a dark blue background, like this:

Horizontal Dark – This style has a nice brown background for the top photo and a darker brown background behind the row of photos on the bottom, such as this:

Horizontal Frame – For a clean and minimal looking slideshow with a white background, use this option:

Horizontal Light – For a more detailed version, with a caption on the main photo and a light yellow color behind the bottom row of photos, use this style:

Horizontal Patterned – This style will add some punch and some color to your slideshow, like this:

Simple – The Simple style will show all your photos in the same size, with captions, on a white background, such as this:

Table – The Table style is like the Simple style, except you can see the lines between the photos, like this:

Table – Blue – If you like the Table style, but want some added punch, go for Table – Blue. It looks like this:

If you are not into the Horizontal style or the Table format, go for one of these vertical styles:

Vertical – Frame – This style shows a row of photos down the left side, with one big photo on the other side, separated by a line, such as this:

Vertical Slideshow 1 – For a professional looking dark page, use this option:

Vertical Slideshow 2 – Or, go for the completely black background, like this:

The Style you select will be determined by the theme of your gallery.

For example, my slideshow is for Autumn photos that have some oranges and earthy colors. Because of that, I chose the Horizontal Patterned style, which complements my photos the best.

The next option Photoshop gives is to provide your e-mail address. You can just skip this part.

Instead, let’s get to the good part of adding the photos and making the gallery!

Under Folders, click on Choose.

After clicking on Choose, a list of files and folders on your computer will appear in a box. Click on the folder you created on your desktop. For me, the folder is called Autumn Photos. Click Choose again.

Next, you need to tell Photoshop where to put that folder of photos. Remember when we created a folder for the gallery? This is when you use it.

Click on Destination and select the Gallery folder. In this example, the folder is called Gallery of Autumn Photos, like this:

Believe it or not, you are almost finished making your Web photo gallery. These next options are well, optional. They are even called “Options.”

Play with the photo size and the fonts, if you like or you can proceed to the final steps in making your Web photo gallery a reality!

If you are in a hurry or are anxious to see the results, you can skip the rest of the options in this box.

However, if you want a detailed and personalized Web photo gallery, go ahead and fill out the rest of the information.

You can choose the size of the photos for some gallery styles, but not all of them.

Also, name the page and include the photographer or artist information.

The main option you can change to really make a snazzy gallery is the font and the font size.

When you’re all finished, click OK.

Photoshop will then create your Web photo gallery. Photoshop creates all the files for you too and the slideshow will open automatically. It’s so cool. Make yours today!

~ Veronica West