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This is an excellent and interesting photo site that I couldn’t wait to share with you!

Photosynth brings you two types of images: panos – spherical panoramas, and synths – a collection of photographs that overlap to render a 3D model of a space. To learn more about them (and how you can make them here at this site), head over to the About page and check out the links on the side menu. 

I don’t have any personal interest in making my own, but you can by selecting Create Your Own.  You’ll need to register for an account to save your work, and then download the right applications for the method of creation you want to use – Desktop or Mobile. If you run into any problems, check out the FAQ (it is in the About section), where you can find answers to common questions, the support site, and links to Discussions on the forum that might be helpful. 

What I use this site for is to check out the panos and synths that have been created by other users. On the main page, you’ll notice two ways to navigate to them. You can click Explore at the top of the page or you can select from the featured categories on the right side of the page (including a link to the 300,000 on Bing Maps). 

I hope you’ll enjoy these amazing panos and synths! I know I did, because I lost track of time and ended up spending hours on the site. Go check it out for yourself!

http://photosynth.net/default.aspx [1]