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Phrase It – Add A Cartoon Touch To Your Photos

Are you ready to cartoon style speech bubbles to your favorite pictures?  Well, now you can with Phrase It!

The site wastes no time in getting you right into the action. The main page consists of three options to select which  t images to enhance with speech bubbles. 

You choices are Import from Facebook, Upload from your Hard Drive, or to Use a Random Stock Photo (and it will be completely random, the site generates one for you).

Make your decision, wait for the image to be prepared (it needs to have a resolution of 640 x 480 to work), and then add the speech bubbles and text of your choice to the photo.  Then when you have it looking just how you want it, click preview and save. 

You then have the option of saving it with different options for sharing it or  putting in an e-mail link to having a download link sent to you.

It’s so easy to have a lot of fun with pictures this way. Check it out today!

http://phrase.it/ [1]