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Pick Your Outlook 2007 Signature

If you’re like me then you use a variety of different signatures in your e-mail… a signature for every occasion or mood?

Well, not exactly that many but one for messages to friends, one for business communications – even a few that are basically a template of text for frequently repeated / similar messages.

But, as we all know, no many how many different signatures you use from day to day only one of them can be the default.

Of course we set the default to b the one we use most frequently but that doesn’t mean much for those of us who use some of the others almost as much.

The resulting question is simple: “What’s the most efficient way that we switch from one signature to another?”

Answer: “Right-click

Yep that’s it.

Next time you’re looking to switch from one signature to another right-click on the one currently being used.


A list of your signatures will open from which you can quickly choose something else or go to the Signatures and Stationary dialog box to modify and/or create a new one with the Signatures choice at the bottom of the list.

That’s it – signature changes with two clicks… 1) a right-click and 2) a “choose it” click!