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Pick Your Ubuntu Flavor: Part 1

As we’ve discussed in previous artilces, Ubuntu is regarded as  fast, reliable, secure and best of all, free, operating system.  This Linux- based system can keep your computer alive when other operating systems pull support.  There are several Ubuntu distributions or “flavors” especially designed to meet users’ needs. Although their main core is still Ubuntu, the interface, themes and system requirements are quite different. Why? Because they use different desktop environments.

So, what is a desktop environment?

Let’s put it like this: yesterday you’ve seen a beautiful woman wearing a long red dress. Today, you see her again, but now she’s wearing a short white skirt and a green blouse. Is the same woman, but her look is different.

The same is with desktop environments. The core remains the same, only “the makeup” is different.

 I like Ubuntu, but I’m not sure what flavor to choose.

 Well, read on and you’ll make up your mind! First, a quick review of Ubuntu based derivatives.

  1. Edubuntu – a distribution for educational purposes
  2. Kubuntu – Ubuntu with K desktop environment (KDE)
  3. Lubuntu – uses LXDE
  4. Mythbuntu – for creating a home theatre using MythTv
  5. Ubuntu studio – for multimedia creating and editing
  6. Xubuntu – Ubuntu with XFCE desktop environment

    As you can see, each distribution is designed for a certain purpose. Keep in mind that, no matter which one you choose, you may still enjoy the  same applications . It’s as simple as opening the Ubuntu Software Center [1]and installing them. Now, let’s take a closer look on those flavors.

     1. Edubuntu. Edubuntu aims to get Ubuntu into schools, offering a free operating system and applications carefully chosen to boost our children’s education. It’s developed and maintained by people all over the world, among them many teachers, parents and even students.


     To install Edubuntu, press Ctrl+Alt+T and the terminal window appears. This is where you can input the commands.


      Now type the following:

     sudo apt-get install edubuntu-desktop

     The terminal will require the password for administrator privileges. This is your log in password. After you hit Enter the installation process begins. When it ends, just close the terminal, restart your computer and choose Edubuntu from the log in form by pressing that little circle and selecting it.

     Recommended system requirements: 1 GHz processor, 1 GB RAM, 3D acceleration supporting graphic card.

     2. Kubuntu. Built using K desktop environment, this Ubuntu flavor has an impressive look and feel. A multitude of visual effects and eye-candy wallpapers make it a must-have. As usual when we talk about Ubuntu, this distribution comes with all the necessary tools for browsing the web, listening to music, watching movies, playing games and working with office suites like Libre Office.

    The first thing that captures your attention is the Start menu. It’s designed to act “in slides” while you move the mouse cursor through the categories at the bottom. Desktop icons are more like Windows 7 widgets, each one of them revealing a small options menu when the cursor is rolled over. When you hold and drag an open window, it becomes transparent.

 These are just a few visual effects that make Kubuntu a stunning experience. If you decide to give it a try, open the Terminal window and type sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop. Then follow the same steps as for Edubuntu.

 Recommended system requirements: 1 GHz processor, 1 GB RAM, VGA graphic card capable of 1024×764 screen resolution.

  We’ll explore more flavors of Ubuntu in part 2 of this article.

~ Adrian