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I found myself feeling a little heartbroken when Picnik closed down and moved to being just an integrated feature at Google. I used it to do all my photo editing. I have also used it through Google, and although some of my favorite options are missing, it still gets the job done. I figured I’d have to settle for it. That was until I found PicMonkey – a free, online photo editor with even more functionality than Picnik offered previously. Did I mention its free? 

You know what my next favorite feature of PicMonkey is? You don’t even have to register to use it! Just start by clicking edit a photo (you can also drag a photo over the edit button to start) and then selecting the photo you want from your hard drive. It will open up in the editor with the same photo tools you’d come to expect from Picnik under Basic Edits (the default – the icon to the left looks like an atom model) where you can auto fix, or manually fine tune your image with crop, rotation, exposure, color, sharpening, and resizing tools. 

But you’ve barely scratched the surface with the basic edits. If you click the other icons along the left you’ll open up new trays of tools you can use on your image.  Just below what looks like an atom model to me is a beaker. Click the beaker and I think you’ll be awed by the amount of effects – seven different categories! – that they’ve provided for you to use.

The lipstick icon beneath the beaker offers an array of touch up tools. Then below that you’ll find the P icon offers you text tools to write on your photo. The comic bubbles icon (heart, comic bubble, stamp) offers an assortment of overlays you can use on your image. The icon that looks like a Polaroid picture is where you’ll need to click if you want to add a frame to your image, and last but not least the woven square gives you textures to play with. 

Even once the subscription goes into affect for the “Royale” features, I think there will still be such an amazing amount of photo editing you can do with the free features. Just make good use of the time while the other effects are free and go edit your images at PicMonkey today!    

http://www.picmonkey.com/ [1]