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Picnik [1]

picnik_1 [2]

Picnik is an amazing photo editor that is web browser based and completely free (there are premium levels but they’re completely unnecessary to make a fantastic photo – trust me you’ll be wowed by the free version).

You don’t have to register; you can simply jump right in by clicking the Get Started Now button. You can even grab images from where you have the stored online (Flickr, Facebook, Picasa, Photobucket, MySpace, webs, and webshots), or you can upload directly from your computer!

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After you click the Get Started Now button, you’ll have to give the application a minute to load (enjoy all the sayings under the loading bar), then click Upload Photo. Now you can get straight to work on editing your photograph. There are so many options: you can add text, frames, effects, or you can merely touch up your photo with tools that fix the exposure, allow you to crop and rotate the image, fix red eye, and so much more.

Your other option is to scroll down to where it says “open your photos from wherever there are” beneath there are circles you can click that have the logo of the site where you have your photos stored.

So if I wanted to grab a photo I uploaded to Facebook, I’d click the Facebook icon and follow the directions to connect to Facebook from Picnik, and then select a photo from there. This is a great option for me if I want to edit photos on my breaks at school because I don’t have to be at my desktop with access to what’s on my hard drive. I can just edit pictures I’ve already uploaded to Facebook.

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If you need help, I suggest you check out this section and follow the steps from seed to big shady tree. It helped me improve my photo editing skills immensely.

http://www.picnik.com/ [1]