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Man am I tired. I just learned a cool new skill today and in an effort to entertain you fine folks, I exercised this new talent by creating a little Text Art for your enjoyment. What do you think?

You would not believe how long that took me. I must have spent at least five seconds on it.

With this week’s download, you to can make this unique and fun image too! The program is called Pictexter and it allows you to create Text Art by simply converting existing images. You can create a cool signature for e-mail or even an online avatar. You don’t have to tell people that you used a converting program. What’s the harm in letting people think you’re some sort of artistic genius?!

The program couldn’t be easier to use unless somebody came over and ran it for you. There’s nothing to the process. Just grab an image you think would be good for the job and save it. You don’t even have to click a convert button. Now, that’s what I call simple. That’s it, not many bells and whistles. It’s just a silly little program that’s fun to use.

Download Pictext and have a lot of fun. With a little imagination, you could be wowing everyone on the message boards. You can download Pictext here.

Oh, by the way, if you ever wondered what I look like, I attached an image, so you won’t be in the dark anymore.

Now, that’s one good lookin’ fella!. : ) I hope you enjoy the download. I know I will!

~ Chad