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Picture it in a Header

Picture it in a Header

So, you’ve finished work on an MS Excel file and you’re printing the worksheet. Your eyes drift to the top of the page and it occurs to you that it sure would look more professional if you added the company logo to the header.


Can it even be done?

Yes, it can! And quite easily too. So, let’s not waste any more time and get straight to the “how to.”

As usual, you need to get to Excel’s Header and Footer window. You can get there a variety of ways, including the File menu, Page Setup choice, Header/Footer tab or the View menu, Header/Footer choice.

However you get there, you should be looking at a window like this:

The next step is to click the Custom Header button.

A new window will open where you can choose where you want to put your information (left, center or right justified).

Click into the location where you would like the logo to be.

Now, click the Insert Picture button.

A window will open where you can locate the picture you need in the header.

Once you find the location, click the Insert button.

&[Picture] will appear in the Custom Header window and that’s it!

You’ve inserted a picture into the header.

Click OK and you’re back to the Page Setup window where you can choose to see your new header via the Print Preview button.


Picture too large? Does it need to be resized or cropped?

No problem!

Go back into the Custom Header window and click back into the section with the picture.

Now, click the Format Picture button. (This button becomes active after a picture is inserted and is located to the right of the Insert Picture button).

Here you’ll be able to change the picture size or crop it, whatever suits your needs.

Done making changes?

Then exit your way out of the situation using the OK button and voila!

Logos (or whatever you want) are in your header, without a lot of extra work for you. Yes!

~ April