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Picture Perfect Envelopes

Picture Perfect Envelopes

In connection to a tip I ran last week about changing the font, in MS Word, on an envelope or label, a reader wrote in wondering how to add pictures to envelopes.

Good question!

So this week I went in search of an answer—and thankfully, I found one.

(I also figured that if one person is interested enough to write in then there must be others that are interested too.)

So let’s go to the business of turning this


into this


or any design that suites your needs (or your mood of the moment).

To begin you need to go to the ever-handy Envelopes and Labels window (Tools menu, Envelopes and Labels choice or use the keys Alt, t then e.)

Once in the window enter the delivery and return addresses as normal.

You can choose to change font here, as described in last week’s tip, or you can wait until after the next step. (I know – decisions, decisions, decisions…)

Once you’ve got your addresses in click on the Add to Document button.


You will then be returned to your document – with one major difference – you should see an envelope at the top of the document (before the first page).

(If you don’t see the envelope then you probably aren’t in the Page Layout or Print Layout View – the name depends on the version of Word you’re using – and you need to switch. Go to the View menu and select the correct view from the top section of the menu.)

Now you can click into the envelope and use the Insert menu, Picture choice to insert the picture of your choice. (The exact same thing you’d do in any document.)

It can be moved, resized, etc… just like clipart in all Word files. Right clicking on the picture will allow you to adjust its properties in the Format Picture choice.

(I found that I had to change the wrapping style and text alignment to get the text to start next to the top of the picture instead of the bottom.)

You can also highlight the addresses to change font or text content, using the menus the same as you would for any Word document.

I find it useful to have an envelope saved in a blank document. Now I can simply keep changing the delivery address on the envelope.

(For printing just the envelope I make sure I’ve got the cursor on the envelope and then choose Current Page in the Print window.)

This method will really allow you to dress your envelopes up – be creative – have fun!

~ April