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Picture Perfect in Word

Picture Perfect

Do you use a lot of pictures in your MS Word documents?

Do you spend a lot of time resizing them so that they will fit perfectly into the space you planned on?

After awhile, does your perfect picture look distorted and just plain wrong?

Want to reset it to its original size?

You could use the Reset Picture button from the Picture toolbar (Picture Tools ribbon in Office 2007), but that one resets everything, including the color, contrast, etc.

If you’re looking to simply reset the picture to its original size, here’s something you can try.

In older versions of MS Office, hold down the Ctrl key and double click the picture.


All the size changes are gone and you’re back to the original picture size, with the other changes, such as coloring, still intact.

Now, if you’re working with MS Office 2007, that one doesn’t seem to cut it, so here’s what I found for you.

On the Picture Tools ribbon, you’re looking for the Size section on the far right.

In the bottom right corner, you need to locate the little arrow.

Click it.

The Size dialogue box will open and at the bottom, you should see a Reset button.

Click it.

You should see your picture snap back to its original size and you’re then ready to click the Close button.

Also, speaking of distorted pictures, maybe we should take a quick look at how to resize pictures to minimize any more problems in the future.

If you’re looking to resize a picture, but still keep its original proportions, use a corner handle.

This allows you to quickly change the picture size, but it doesn’t leave the picture looking “stretched out.”

If you want to resize the picture in only one direction (make it taller or wider), use a center handle.

Using the correct resizing handles from the beginning may save you the start over time caused by the distorted pictures we sometimes create.

Plus, if all else fails, you can always go back to the beginning and try it again!

~ April