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Pictures In MS Word On Demand

Pictures In MS Word On Demand

Do you have a picture or logo that is frequently used in your MS Word documents?

Are you tired of the constant routine involved with the insertion of the picture into document after document?

I know I get pretty tired of it. (I can’t stand to repeat myself unnecessarily! :- )

Anyway, if you’re in this situation where you have a logo or other picture you want instantly inserted without all the need to search the hard drive, then this is the tip for you.

Let’s try putting the picture into the AutoText for super quick access.

Instead of the old Insert menu, Picture sub-menu, choose a picture type then navigate the hard drive to locate and finish the picture insertion…

you could just use the Insert menu, AutoText submenu and pick the picture from the lists there.

Boom! Picture in—searching for pictures is way out!

Ready to find out how?

Good, then let’s get started.

That’s it!

You’ll immediately be returned to the Word document where, if you take a quick moment to look, you’ll find that the picture name is now in the AutoText lists under the Insert menu.

There you have it: pictures and logos as easy to find as any AutoText entry you’ve ever made.

~ April