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Pictures and Shapes in MS Office

MS Office: A Picture of a Different Shape

Today I want to point out a very simple and quick way to change the way pictures and graphics are displayed in your documents, presentations, worksheets, etc…

We’re going to take a look at how the fill of a shape can really make a difference in the impact that both the picture and the shape have on your final presentation.

In essence you can turn this:


into this:


with just a couple of clicks.

Definitely a huge difference!

To start creating your own picture in a shape, you first need to draw a shape. (Insert tab, Shapes button)

Once the shape is in your file and selected, you’ll find that the Drawing Tools Format tab becomes available.

Locate the Shape Styles group on the tab.


Click the Shape Fill button and choose Picture from the list.

Navigate to, select and open the picture you want inserted into the shape.


So obvious and easy, I know. It’s one of those things you overlook until someone points it out, then you wonder how you never noticed it and the potential impact on your work.

Your picture just became what might be considered one of the best elements on the page!

~ April