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This is my new go-to site for when I’m bored. You will discover an ever-changing catalog of nifty things that people have found around the web and pinned. You’ll find an assortment of crafts, food, recipes, how-to’s, photographs, art, design, wedding, quotes, and more!

To navigate you just scroll down the page, and when you see something you like just click on it. It will load that pin’s page, and then if you click it again you should be taken to where on the web that pin was originally found.

If you want to create your own pin board to catalog your finds around the web, click the Request an Invite button at the top of page. You’ll provide them with your e-mail address, and then they will send you an invite via the e-mail address you gave them.

You can check out their About page to get more details on why you might want to join, as well as check out the Pin Etiquette section. Personally, I was sold just from browsing the site. And once I got my invitation, I dove right in!

Once you’ve been invited and are logged in, you can re-pin things that you like to your own assortment of pin boards. You can create your own or use the premade categories. You can also like the posts that you see on the main page by clicking the like button on the post.

To make your own posts from your visits around the web, check out the directions here.  They’ll walk you through the process step by step. Another thing you’ll find on the About page you may notice the option Goodies! If you go into that section you’ll find links that you can post on other pages with your information so people can follow your posts,

I love this site, and I hope you will too!