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After some consideration, I realized that some of you may not know what a pixel is. I’ve been running some tips about pixels lately and I forgot that some of you may not even be familiar with the initial term. And although all of you are so smart and you’ve probably been able to figure it out, I thought I should give you a formal definition anyway. So, here it goes.

A pixel, which is short for picture element (think the “pic” and “el”), is one single point in a graphic image (or picture). Pixels are somewhat made out of dots and squares and if an image is enlarged too much, those may come out in the end result. That’s typically not what one wants their images to look like, so it’s best to keep the pixel number set low. If the number is right, those dots and squares will never show up in your picture.

Pixels also range in a variety of colors and each one has about three or four dimensions of color, including red, green and blue, cyan, magenta, yellow and black. So, whenever you’re looking at an image on your computer or even your desktop wallpaper, you’re looking at a whole bunch of pixels. They help your picture to look its very best. Cool, huh?!

~ Erin