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Do you want to make your own comics? Well now you can with easiest and most complete comic interface I’ve found on the web, Pixton! What’s different about this comic site is that you can use the tools they’ve provided, your own artwork, or your own photos to create with. 

To get started, I’d suggest checking out the example comics on the main page or clicking “For Fun” and checking out the examples there. Once you’ve decided you want to make a comic of your own, you’ll need to sign up for a free account. You can do this by connecting through Facebook or Google +. (You know I did through Facebook.) After you’ve connected with the social media site of your choice (if you go this route), you’ll need to create a username. You can also register the old fashioned way with their sign up link [1], too.

You’re logged in – now what? I would follow the easy getting started tips at the top of the page. Step One is to make a comic! Step Two is to post your comic! There are eight different styles of comics you can make: Quickie, Classic, Sunday Funny, Poster, Pixture, 4-Koma, Super Long, and Freestyle. Pick the type you want to make, choose a layout for your panels, then start building your comic. 

The site even provides very helpful videos on how to use their interface. Just click the How to Videos link above your comic to watch them.  Once you’ve created your comic, click save and continue, fill in the appropriate fields and then click Post! This will share your comic and give you a link that you can share with your friends and family. 

This is a fun way to make comics. Mine is about a sandcastle [2] and isn’t very funny. Heh.

http://www.pixton.com/ [3]