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Plain Folders in Thumbnail View

Folders in “My Pictures” show little thumbnails on them. I just want a plain folder. Is there a way to do that?

Sometimes you don’t want the contents of your picture folders displayed for all to see but you do want other pictures in the file to be thumbnails.


There isn’t a box to check that will make a folder plain when your picture folder is in Windows XP thumbnail view, but you can get around this.

First off, you need to create a blank JPEG. You could use your imaging software, but since everyone with XP has MS Paint, we’ll go that route.

The quickest way to bring up paint is by going to Start/Run and typing in “mspaint”.

Next, select the color fill tool (looks like a paint bucket), choose a color and click on the canvas area (or for white you can just leave it blank).


Finally, save the picture in the correct folder as a JPG.

Now, right click the folder you want to not have the little thumbnails on and select “Properties”. Choose the “Customize” tab then under “Folder Pictures” click the “Choose Picture” button.

Select the blank picture you just created, click the “Open” button then OK.


You should then see a colored rectangle on the folder rather than the four little pictures.


If you have several folders you could make more pictures of different colors and save them in each. That way you could color code to tell them apart.

~ David

David Samuel Thomas