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Another big resolution people have at the beginning of the year is to save money, travel more, or make big purchases. I’m included in that. I want to start saving for a trip to Europe when I graduate next year as a reward for all my hard work.

But I have to balance that with also saving for the down payment for our next lease vehicle. To do this, I need help keeping track of everything. And while Mint is awesome. It’s not really working for me, because I have to micromanage a lot of it because my cards aren’t supported yet. So I went looking for another solution and found Planwise.

When you arrive at the site, I recommend checking out the video upon your arrival to the site, because it does an awesome job of explaining how it works and the scope of what you can use it for. Once you’ve done that and checked out all the features below the video, click Launch Planwise Now button.

This will whisk you away to the interface. If it doesn’t pop up on its own click Tour to get a guide to how the space works.  You’ll set your currency, current bank balance, take home pay, your monthly spending, and then you can add a future plan. So in my case, I added all my information and then added the trip to Europe.  What I really love is you can turn plans on and off. So say we have a vet emergency, I can add that and turn the trip off.

Once you’ve made a plan, you’ll need to save it. To register you can either do so at the end of the tour, or you can click the red Your Plans Aren’t Being Saved button at the top of the screen.  

This is a great savings tool, check it out today!

http://planwise.com/ [1]