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Playing Space Invaders in OpenOffice Calc

OpenOffice.org Calc: Taking
A Break for a Little Fun

Ok, so I’ll admit it right
from the start – this tip is for fun, not for productivity…

But who’s not for a little
fun once in a while?

Buried within the code of
OpenOffice.org’s Calc program is a favorite game from days gone past.

Yep – that’s right…
Space Invaders.

If you’re interested in
maybe a break, to take a stroll down memory lane, then here’s all you have to


Place this formula in
a cell
, be sure to pay attention to the capitalization and spacing, then
hit the Enter key.

The game will open –
the text is in German, but who really needs to read directions to Space Invaders?

You should know that once
you close the game, you’ll have to close out of OpenOffice.org completely to
play again… but still, a small price to pay if you’re really in need of an
entertaining break.

~ April