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Playing with Time

This site boasts, “Unseen worlds of change will be revealed. You will see time sped up and slowed down, and behold the beauty of change. Time will be in your hands to witness, replay, and even create. You never know… you might not look at things quite the same way again.”

Having spent a couple of hours at the site, I will say that they have their bragging rights on this one. It’s fabulous. Choose the To See and Do section and start your journey through time command.

You can visit the Gallery and flit through their time experiments. Or you can choose Activities and get creative. In the Activities section there are three challenges that let you get your hands on time. Give them a try, and become masters of time. I particularly enjoyed the Fractal Tree challenge in the Activity section. I’m sure you will too.

http://www.playingwithtime.org [1]