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I have encountered many programs online that are meant to mimic the “Yellow Sticky Notes” we all know and use. Most are pretty basic and do the job, but tend to lack some important features. Well, I have found one that contains not only this very basic quality, but also many of the features I feel have been missing, too.

Pnotes is a program that takes the idea of Sticky Notes to a new level. It has the same basic concepts, but has added in some very important (and useful) features. Installation of this program was so easy that really there was no installation at all. I know what you are thinking “Now wait, no installation….what?”. Well, to run this program all you really need to do is download I and unzip it! Ultimately, this means you can use Pnotes anywhere and on almost any computer with the simple use of a flash drive! After the “no installation installation” was completed, an icon appeared in the task bar. With a simple right click I was able to view all of the options in the main menu. Again I was impressed by the number of features available.


Naturally, I went to where it said “New Note” to check it out. The first thing I noticed (and liked) were all of the formatting options it gives you. This can really help you prioritize your daily tasks by importance. It even has a strike through feature, so as you go along you can cross things off your list! You can also set reminders and schedule alerts for upcoming events. It comes with the original Yellow Sticky note look, but many different skins are available free from their website. They also have a help file to get you started with using the program. There are just so many features it is hard to list.


Ultimately, I think Pnotes is a good program for just about anyone. It not only adds organization to your day but a little excitement as well. Go ahead and give it a shot, you have nothing to lose! Click here [3] for your completely FREE copy!