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Pogo Games On Android Tablets

Grace from Hamlin, NY writes:

I need help downloading the Java Script so I can play Pogo games on my Android tablets. I’m trying to learn how to use it, but I need help.

Grace, I’ve got two possible solutions to play Pogo games on your Android tablet. For the first one,  you’ll need to head to the Google Play Store.  Just tap the play store icon on your tablet.

Search for Pogo in the search field.

In the results, you’ll see the free POGO Games App. Just tap to see more information.

Then simply tap install to add to your device.

Installing games this way instead of trying to play the games you used to play on your computer through a browser on a tablet should make for a smoother playing experience.

They apps are optimized to play properly on a tablet.  I have heard some complaints that the Pogo offerings through the app are not as good as the games available for PC, so you could also check to make sure that JavaScript is enabled on your tablet. Open your browser and select Settings then Content settings.

Then tap the menu icon or button and select Settings.  Then select Content Settings or Advanced Settings. The name may vary depending on your device.

Then make sure JavaScript is enabled.

Hopefully one of these solutions will have you playing games in no time.

~ Cynthia