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Here’s a fun little download for those of you who like to experiment with your photos! How many of you have old Polaroid cameras? Those cameras are now a dying breed with digital cameras taking over, but many people miss the fun those photos used to provide. You know, you take the picture, shake it for five minutes and hope it turns out okay!

I’m sure not everyone misses those photos, but it would be fun to have one occasionally, wouldn’t it?!

Well, that’s where today’s download comes into play! It’s called Poladroid and it takes any regular picture on your computer and turns it into an old fashioned Polaroid picture. All you have to do is install the program and then drag the picture of your choice to the camera that appears on your desktop.

Here’s an example:

After you drag the picture to the camera, this is what happens:

As you can see, your Poladroid picture is created, but it hasn’t developed yet. You can then shake it and after a few minutes, your picture will start to appear!

I’m not going to show you that part though. You’ll have to download the program and see for yourself!

Note: This is a great program, but the author doesn’t have very good English. You may notice some grammar errors when you visit the Web site.

You can download Poladroid for yourself (for both Windows and Mac) right here [1]. Enjoy!