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Popular Searches of 2006

Popular Searches of 2006

Well, the 2006 year has come to an end and 2007 is now upon us. (Where did the time go?!) So, with this being the first day of a new year, I thought it would be fun to sum up the past year with a list of its most popular Google searches. I know it’s not what we normally do here at WorldStart, but I thought you all might enjoy something a little different, just for today!

This list comes from Zeitgeist, which is an affiliate of Google that always compiles fun little lists of information. The information you’re about to read is based on all of the millions of searches done with Google over a period of time. Okay, here we go!

The top five regular searches of 2006 were bebo, MySpace, World Cup, Metacafe and radioblog. The top five news searches of 2006 were Paris Hilton, Orlando Bloom, cancer, podcasting and Hurricane Katrina. Are you one of the many who searched for one of these items?! You can also click here to see 2005’s top lists. It’s interesting what things have changed and what hasn’t in just one year. Either way you look at it, here’s to 2007!

~ Erin