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postbox logoToday I have found an awesome new email client that just might replace Outlook Express. The program is called PostBox and it combines all of the features you see in most mail clients with some awesome, new and innovative features. PostBox was easy to download and install. This is a must for me. I downloaded it and opened the file. From there, PostBox handled the rest. It even imported all of my email and setting from Outlook Express so i didn’t have to do anything but click “OK”. After installing it, I was impressed by some of the features. Like i mentioned before, it has all the regular stuff like most clients. It retrieves and organizes you email, it keeps contacts and allows for easy use of folders. Where it stands apart is in some of the additional features it offers. One of my favorites is the search option. PostBox will index all of your email data so it is easily and quickly searchable. It creates searches for links, contacts, images and attachments. This saves me a ton of time. Another feature is the todo list. You can mark any email as a ToDo item. This will mark it and put it in a list for easy organization. Another great feature is the Compose sidebar. This allows for you to quickly compose new, rich emails with content from other messages and search results. This makes writing email fun!

If you are interested in download PostBox or learning more, check out their website here: http://postbox-inc.com/