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Are you befuddled trying to keep up with your Twitter feed? Or find old post? I certainly am. But no more! This site allows you to manage your Twitter feed instead of drowning in it.

How does it work? Take a test drive of how it works with the check out the timeline topline for their @postposting account [1] link. You can see how the timeline pops up videos, pictures, links, and post from a twitter timeline so you don’t have to search for them. 

Ready to try it with your own account? Well you start by clicking the blue Twitter Sign In button. Sign in with your Twitter information (they only use it to collect your feed and do not share your posts) then provided your e-mail address and they’ll send you an e-mail when they’ve gathered your feed. Gathering your feed is a one time event, so you won’t have to wait again.

Once they’ve gathered your feed, and you’ve clicked the confirmation link in your e-mail, you can sign win with Twitter, and start managing your Twitter feed with ease! 

http://postpost.com/ [2]