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Power Management Setting

Why does my monitor go black after about 15 minutes of not using the computer?

Windows has a Power Management setting that will shut your monitor off after a specified amount of time. If you don’t like when it’s shutting the monitor off, you can change it by doing the following:

In Windows XP:

1. Hit the Start>Control Panel , then go to Performance and Maintenance link). Then, open the Power Management icon .

2. Look for the ” Turn off monitor ” drop box. Select the amount of time you want the computer to wait before shutting off the monitor, or tell it not to shut the monitor off at all.


In Windows Vista:

Hit Start>Control Panel then double-click the “Power Options” icon.

From here, click on “Change Plan Settings” under any one of the preferred plans.


Under “Turn off the Display” set it to “Never” or another desired time, and click “Save Changes


Ta-Da! No more blank monitor!

~ Steve