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Power Off Shortcuts For 8.1

Julie from Staten Island, NY writes:

In Windows 8.1, why do the most common tasks such as shutdown, accessing certain files require extra steps?  I wanted to create a shutdown shortcut but can’t.   I have yet to master such things as my DVD player but just gave up because the dictatorial OS just does not let me do what I want on my computer which I paid for!

There are multiple ways to shut down 8.1 pretty quickly.  Right-click on the start button.

Select Shut down or sign out. This is exactly the same number of steps required to shut down a Windows 7 computer from the Start Menu.


 Pressing Control +Alt + Delete in Windows 8.1 will take you to a task manger with a shutdown option, just the same way it works in Windows 7.

 Giving up is never a good idea. In fact, a lot of users like Windows 8 as evidenced by these e-mails we have received.

Terry writes:

I bought 6 new laptops and on MS surface at the same time, all with 8.1. I was reluctant at first but after I got accustomed to using it on my tablet, using it on the laptops came a bit easier… I love it and would not want to go back to 7

Ray says:

I had Vista previously and 8.1 beats it hands down. I have had 8.1 since January and have not had any problems.


Tom adds:

For the life of me I fail to understand why some people dislike Windows 8. I rather fancy it has more to do with being fashionable – for whatever reasons to dislike Microsoft is considered being cool and chic – than any actual defects with its user interface. The Metro UI with its  attractive tiles and app oriented template adds a fun layer to computers that had always been missing since the birth of the PC. And its numerous improvements over its previous iterations like super fast booting from a cold start to its greatly improved search functions, its inbuilt security features and numerous other innovations all make for a superior user experience. The main argument against Windows 8 was the start button which is an imbecile’s argument against anything new and attractive. In any case that button is back with 8.1 but I am sure there will be mighty arguments from the naysayers whether it is really a button or some kind of obscenity!

However,  CDE agrees with you:

I hate hate HATE Windows 8 and 8.1 ! ! ! My new Christmas computer came with it and while I’m better able to operate it now, 7 months later, I still hate it!

Julie, if there are any common tasks, you’re hoping to find a quicker way to accomplish on 8.1 – let us know. [1]We may have a shortcut.

 ~ Cynthia