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PowerPoint 3-D Graphics

Have you seen the presentations with eye-catching 3-D graphics and find yourself wishing that you had the time to come up with things like that too?

Well, if you’re using PowerPoint 2007 then maybe you don’t need as much time as you thought.

What if you had a template containing a variety of 3-D objects available?

While no template could ever contain everything everyone might want it could contain some things you’d find useful. Maybe one that contains things like this:


Oh wait! Would you consider it a bonus if that same template had some awesome animations and instructions with each one? (Of course, I used the old copy/paste to put all the shapes on the same slide for the picture above – so that works too!)

And… more importantly, you could then customize the graphics and animations to fit your needs.

So, where do you find such a little treasure trove of time-saving goodies?

Why at the Microsoft Help and How-to site… where else?

Let me “link you up” with the goods.

It has 27 slides with all kinds of things.

If you’ve ever admired someone else’s 3-D finesse then isn’t it worth a little time to take look? Who knows, you may find all manner of inspiration in those 27 slides.

~ April