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PowerPoint Current Position

If you’re a person who uses PowerPoint for presentations on a regular basis then I’m sure that at some time it’s been necessary to start a show (or restart a show) from a slide that isn’t the first one.

Whether it’s just where this particular discussion should start of it something happened to put you back into the program window instead of the slide show itself… the problem is that you’ve got people looking at the display and they’re seeing the slide in the Normal view.

You can just feel the disconnect happening. They see this as a break and being to fidget and a few quiet discussions begin around the room.

The question is… How do we get back to the presentation from where we are as fast as possible?

The answer is simply Shift + F5.

Yep that’s it… if you quickly use Shift + F5 the show will begin again from the current position – without delay.

No fumbling with the mouse to find a tiny button, menu or tab of the Ribbon to restart the show.

Shift + F5 will put your presentation back on track from right here, right now and really quickly.

~ April