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PowerPoint Rehearsal

Do you use MS PowerPoint presentations that are set to advance automatically?

Ever find yourself frustrated as you try to guess just how many seconds to display each slide? I mean, if you are sitting there looking at this…


…and wondering how many seconds to enter into the field (found with Slide Transition information in older versions of PowerPoint & on the Animations tab of the Ribbon in PowerPoint 2007), then maybe, you simply need to consider rehearsing.

PowerPoint has a feature that will let you set the timings for slide advancement while actually going through the slideshow. I’ve found that I really love this method for initial time settings and that I have to make very few changes from there.

So, if you’re interested in this alternative method, read on!

To do a presentation rehearsal and set slide advancement timings, we need to the Rehearse Timings feature. In older version of PowerPoint go to the Slide Show menu, Rehearse Timings choice. For the PowerPoint 2007 people out there you need the Slide Show tab of the Ribbon, Rehearse Timings button.

Everyone should the see your slide show will begin with this toolbar visible:


In the center, you’ll see the clock counting the time for the currently displayed slide. When you click to advance the slide, the time will be recorded and start over for the next slide.

The time at the far end is a total time for the presentation. While rehearsing the timings, when you advance and the center timer resets the one on the right will continue to count.

It continues on this way until you either give up with the Esc key or finish setting the timing for each slide in the show.

Need to “tweak” the timings some more?

You can either work on each one manually or run the rehearsal again, with one benefit. If you’ve got a slide with a good timing, you can press the O key to skip that slide without changing its timing.

That’s it. Go through and truly rehearse your presentation with this feature running and the timing will take care of itself!

~ April