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PowerPoint Slideshow Screensaver

Do you have a PowerPoint presentation containing slides that you just wish you could make into your screensaver?

Maybe you had a presentation sent to you containing a bunch of pictures of the grandkids.

Or maybe you’d just love to create a screensaver out of a variety of your favorite quotes.

Either way, if it’s in a PowerPoint presentation, we can do that!


Okay, then let’s get started.

First, you need to open the presentation that contains the slides you need.

– If you only want one slide from the presentation, go ahead and find it. If you want the entire presentation, then proceed to the next step.

– Now, we need the File menu / Office Button, Save As choice.

When the Save As window opens, you need to navigate to an empty folder that will specifically only hold those pictures used in the screensaver.


Before you complete the Save, you need to change the file type to Device Independent Bitmap.

Change the name if you want to and click Save.

When PowerPoint asks you to choose between saving the current slide or the entire presentation, make your choice.

With that done, you’re ready to go out to Windows to set the screensaver up.

Right-click on your desktop and choose Properties (for Vista it’s Personalize) from the menu.

Choose Screen Saver.

Here, you’ll need to choose My Pictures Slideshow.


With that selected, the Settings button becomes available. Click it.

Change whatever settings you like, but be sure to click the Browse button and tell Windows where the folder that contains the slide pictures is located.


Click OK to back your way out to the Screen Saver choices and proceed with setting your screensaver as usual.

Voila! Slides to screensaver in no time!