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Download YouTube Videos the Easy Way!

This is a real quick and easy one for all our YouTube users out there. Say you really like a video - I mean, like it enough to want to download it. What do you do?

Bookmark it and come back every time you want to see it?


How about this:

While on YouTube, navigate to a video you want to download to your computer and up in the address bar of your browser, replace the “Y” in YouTube with a number 3 and hit enter.

Look at this picture for an example:


You'll be taken to the 3ouTube site where you'll have the choice of downloading in MP4 or FLV formats!


Time to fill up that hard-drive!


Now you can download YouTube videos anytime! Rate or add to this tip here! Printer-friendly version is here!

Table of Contents

Computers 101 Q&A: Is there any way to include my favorites on the Windows XP Start Menu?
MS Office Fill Cell Contents Without Using The Fill Handle
Today At WorldStart.com Insert Key | The Virtual Wall
Tip of the Day How to Rips DVDs with ImgBurn
Today's Feature Tag Along Software
Amanda's Coolsite Still Tasty

Computers 101

Is there any way to include my favorites on my Windows XP Start menu?

I don’t know about you, but I have about a billion favorites and go to my list quite frequently. To do this, I very obviously open my browser (Internet Explorer) and go from there.

I forgot that there is another quicker way to get your favorites without even opening your browser.

First, go to your Start button and right-click it. Left-click on Properties.



You will now see two types of start menus. Note the one that you have.


If the “Start Menu” option is checked, first left-click on Customize.


Left-click on Advanced.


Next look under “Start menu items” and check “Favorites Menu”.


Click on OK, and then click on Apply, and OK again.

This is what it now looks like.


If you have your computer setup with the “Classic Start Menu”, first left-click on “Customize”.


Then look at the list under “Advanced Startup Options” and put a check next to “Display Favorites”. Click on OK, and then click on OK again.


This is what it now looks like:


Now when you go to your Start up menu, your Favorites are right there, ready and waiting. : )

~Lori Cline

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MS Office

Fill Cell Contents Without using the Fill Handle

We all know that in MS Excel the bottom right corner of a cell selection is called the Fill Handle.


It's an extremely useful tool. With just a drag and drop of the fill handle will copy information or continue a series of data in consecutive cells without the need for the whole copy / paste thing.

What could be better?

Well… what if we could remove the "drag and drop" part of that whole thing?

You're maybe wondering why you'd need to ever remove the drag and drop from this process…

I ask you, what if the formula that you want to fill down by highlighting a column of 500 rows?

Do you really want to drag the fill handle down 500 rows?

No me either.

And someone else is considering the whole enter your data then use Ctrl + Enter thing which will fill a selected range of cells with that same data.

Again I must ask, do you really want to highlight 500 cells?

OK, so many of us have come to the conclusion that for large amounts of data maybe a way around the whole selection of a lot of cells would be a good plan.

Fortunately, I have one and here it is.
  • Enter the formula (or data item) that will need to be filled down the column into the top cell
  • Hit Ctrl + Enter (to keep the cell with the data selected - otherwise you have to move the cell selection back to that top cell)
  • Double-click on the fill handle


The formula or data has been filled down the column until there was a break in the data in an adjacent cell.

Meaning that if you have 500 consecutive rows of entries and need to add another column of identical data or formulas to each row you could enter the formula only once (in the first row), double-click that cell's fill handle and Excel finishes all the work.

Now, if I could just get Excel to do all the work on my daily To Do List I'd really be a happy camper!


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Today at WorldStart.com

Insert Key
Have you ever been typing away and all of a sudden instead of moving the text to the right to accommodate the space, the text gets overwritten? Check out Worldstart now for a fix!

The Virtual Wall
The Virtual Wall Vietnam Veterans War Memorial brings you the list of causalities online organized by location. Want to check it out? Then get over to Worldstart fast!

Here's the link you need: http://www.worldstart.com/ Enjoy!

Tip of the Day

How to Rip DVDs with ImgBurn

If you know about using the VLC player to rip a DVD to an MPEG-1 file, then remember it’s not the only way. Technically, this gets the job done, but there are other options available. Storage is very cheap, so why not retain the full image quality and size as well as all the menus, languages, subtitles and bonus material from the original DVD? Using ImgBurn for free (www.imgburn.com), you can rip the entire disc to an ISO file and then use the VLC player to watch the DVD just like you would have if you had the physical disc in your drive.

After downloading and installing ImgBurn, a wizard will appear and offer you a few choices.

You will need to choose ‘Create image file from disc’.


Before we start ripping, we have to prevent ImgBurn from splitting the file into multiple parts. This is because we want a single ISO file of the entire disc. Go to Tools > Settings and click on the Read tab. Under Options, change the value of File Splitting from Auto to None. Click OK to go back to the main screen.

The main screen shows you everything you would want to know about the disc. Under Destination, click the folder and navigate to a location where you want to store the image file. Be sure you have enough space. Look in the window on the right, the value for Size is how many bytes the disc contains (this disc is 4.6 Gigs).


When you are ready, click the button at the bottom with the green arrow. The ripping process will begin and the screen will give you a progress indicator including the estimated time remaining.

This will take some time, so it you might as well occupy yourself with something else! A dual layer disc can hold more than 8 Gigs and you should rip at the lowest speed you can bear for best results.

When it’s done you will have a file called ‘Name of the disc’ .ISO.


Now, start VLC player and select Open > File. Navigate to the ISO file and select it. VLC player will start playing the file and the result will be the same as it would if you were playing the physical disc.

Now you can enjoy the full quality and functionality of the DVD without having to lug around all the discs.

ImgBurn is a very powerful piece of software that does a lot of other things, including burning image files to disc, and it is completely FREE! It runs on all versions of Windows, including Vista and all 64-bit versions of Windows.

One thing ImgBurn will NOT do is rip encrypted discs (discs with CSS and/or Macrovision). For that, you need a tool called DVD Decrypter. The developer of DVD Decrypter no longer works on the software due to issues with the Macrovision corporation and the obvious DMCA violations that the product allows. It wouldn’t be proper to advise you on how to rip protected material or commit DMCA violations, but if you do happen to obtain a copy of DVD Decrypter, you will see that its interface and operation is very similar to that of ImgBurn.


~Zahid Javali

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Today's Feature

Tag Along Software

Never heard of it, have you? That's because I'm making a name for it right now. If anyone out there has tried to download a program like Adobe Acrobat or Flash Player, you may have noticed there's now a pre-selected option to also install additional program like McAfee Security Scan.

You don't really need that, do you?

Yeah, me either. So make sure you un-check it before you hit that download button.


I venture that we'll be seeing more of this type of “tag along” software in the future, so always make sure to read carefully before agreeing to anything!

Just a heads up.


Be careful out there! Rate or add to this tip here! Printer-friendly version is here!

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Amanda's Coolsite

Still Tasty

Have you ever found yourself asking whether or not something is still safe to eat? I know I do! Especially when you consider all the different markings on labels: sell by, use by, expires on, etc. Well here at Still Tasty you will find the answers to your questions.

The site is divided into three categories, they are:

Keep it or Toss it – this is a guide to whether or not you should keep a food item or toss it. It is divided into food categories to make it quick and easy for you to find the item you have questions about.

The categories are: fruits, vegetables, eggs & dairy, meat & poultry, fish & shellfish, nuts & legumes, grains & pasta, condiments & oils, herbs & spices, snacks & sweets, baked goods, and last but not least, beverages. As you can see, they really break it down.

If you know exactly what you’re looking for you can also use the search engine provided above the categories. Just type in your item, and click the search button.

Your Questions Answered – here you will find a listing of food safety questions that you may have always wanted the answer to. For example: is it safe to refreeze thawed meat? If you have a question that hasn’t been answered yet, click the link after the question and you’ll be taken to a page that will provide you with the e-mail address to send your questions to.

Shelf Talk - this section is a series of food articles. One I think everyone should read and pass along is: Expiration Dates: Should You Pay Attention? There is a lot of helpful information in it about the different kinds of dates that you find on food products. You’ll also find an article on keeping your fruits tasty, and one on three different way to defrost foods.

This is a great site that helps take the guess work out of whether your food is still good to keep or not. Check it out today!



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