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Pretty Printing in Word 2007

Pretty Printing in Word 2007

Have you found the page color and background options available under the Page Layout tab on MS Word 2007’s ribbon?

Did you start using it, only to discover the color was gone when you went to print your page?

Often times, that’s a good thing, because you don’t really want the color to print or maybe you used it to make things a little easier on your eyes while you work. But what about the times when you do want the color to print?

It’s possible you used the color to enhance your document and now that it’s missing from the printed version, your document looks “bare” to you.

Is there any way to get Word 2007 to print the page in color?

Of course there is!

All you have to do is make a quick change to your Word Options and you’ll be printing “pretty” in Word!

To get to Word’s Options, you need the Office Button, Word Options button.

In the Options dialogue window, you need the Display group, Printing Options section.

Check the box that says “Print background colors and images” and then click OK.

Now, print your document!

Ta-da. Your document is just how you meant it to be from the very beginning!

I do need to include a quick note here: when you change the setting in Word, it stays changed for all of your documents, not just the one you first set it up for. So, if you don’t want all your documents treated that way, be sure to go back and uncheck the option. Yes!

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